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In the past week a lot of security issues seem to have targeted the real estate industry.

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BSI advises against locks from ABUS 

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BSI advises against the use of unsecured wireless door locks of the ABUS brand. In accordance with § 7 of the BSI Act, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) advises against the use of the digital door lock "HomeTec Pro CFA3000" from ABUS.

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Water tank management system used worldwide has an unresolved vulnerability 

#watertankmanagement #worldwide #vulnerability #system #affected #energy #url #access #device #setting #anywhere #interface

Water tank management system used by organizations around the world is affected by a critical vulnerability that can be exploited remotely and the vendor doesn't seem to want to fix it. Related products are manufactured by the water and energy unit of the Irish building materials company Kingspan.

Researchers found that attackers can access device settings without authentication, simply by browsing to specific URLs. These URLs can be identified by browsing the web interface or through a brute force attack.

These devices can be configured to be accessible from the Internet. An attacker can exploit the vulnerability from anywhere as long as they have access to the device's web interface.

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$10 million to stop cyberattack 

#cyberattack #hacker #hospital #ransom

Hackers demand $10 million to stop cyberattack on Paris regional hospital. Since the weekend, a hospital southeast of Paris has been the target of an ongoing cyberattack that disrupted operations and emergency services. The hackers are demanding a $10 million ransom to stop the attack

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