Who we are 

metafinanz stands for holistic business & IT consulting. We transform business into new models for Economy 4.0 and create the basis for the sustainable competitive strength of our customers - smart, fast and secure. This is how we accompany our customers on their way into the digital world: As an incubator for new technologies, with deep business know-how from 30 years of experience and outstanding, interdisciplinary consultants, are appreciated by our customers as companions for your business.

Security Awareness & Operation consists of a bunch of security people who thought it would be a smart idea to summarise important Security News from the www. We are different people who are passionate about offering support and help to ensure digital data protection. Thereby we are professionally working in the mobile security & security awareness sector as information security experts.

The Faces behind the News-Team:


How we can support you 

We do not only want to inform you, also increase security awareness with our weekly basic security news collection, in which we share important developments over the past few days to highlight current threats and risks for free, so we can mitigate cyber attacks.

Even more important is to spread the word! Security Awareness is only going to rise, if people actually know what is happening in the World of cyber risks. In that case, we also give the opportunity to design customised Security News Collections exclusively for you, your colleagues/ employees or customers, to explore and share more information.

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In addition we offer individual security concepts to minimise the security risks of mobile working for your employees as well as your company, mostly with increasing the risk awareness of all employees. On our service page you will find further information on topics in which we can support you.

We hope you found the information needed, otherwise feel free to contact us. We will be happy to support you throughout the entire process.

Where we get our information from 

Information can come from virtually anywhere — media, blogs, journals and magazine articles, expert opinions or web pages. For that reason we search the world’s publicly accessible websites and information sources for you. In that case we shortly want to highlight our legitimation by informing you about our literature references. Not only the Federal Office for Information Security delivers daily public as well as non-public informations about cyber security. In general federal authorities from Germany and Europe are our main sources.